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A Bengaluru cab driver has caught the attention of social media after he disclosed his daily earnings to a curious passenger. He revealed that he earns around Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 per day and also earns extras by driving Ola cabs.

The Bengaluru cab driver’s salary has left the internet stunned which has sparked a debate on the money earned by educated people and other daily works like driving, selling gup chups, momos and many other such street foods.

Taking to his Reddit handle, the passenger shared, “So, I was coming back from a function today, and I booked a cab. While chatting with the cab driver, I asked him about his earnings. He mentioned that he makes around 3000 to 4000 per day.”

You Won't Believe How Much This Cab Driver Earns Daily!
by inBengaluru

He further added, “I was shocked! If he makes 3000 per day and works for 25 days a month, that totals to 75,000 per month. He added that even after deducting petrol costs, he still has enough money. Plus, he has another cab attached to Ola, which brings in additional income. He proudly mentioned that his kids go to a good school. When I asked him how long he's been driving, he said since 2019, after he lost his previous job.”

As expected his post went viral with different reactions from netizens.

“One cab driver (attached to two companies) makes 79k + 59k for 4 shifts (pickups or drops) a day and 6 days a week. The best thing was his timing and proximity. Drop and pick up are scheduled to nearby places with less time gap. Between the shifts, he goes home, has home food (all 3 meals at home). Good guy as well!!” shared a user.

Another user shared, “This is pretty reasonable and believable. I have a close friend’s brother who works as OLA driver. He usually just focuses on airport or railway station pickups. Works a bit odd hours. But comfortably brings home around 80k after expenses (fuel, EMI, maintenance and insurance). He leads a pretty comfortable life and has a 30/40 home at Yelahanka and a couple of acres of land in native which he bought with his cab earnings.”

“During Ola Uber's initial days cab drivers used to make 1 lakh plus a month. Many of them who did it in the initial days made a good amount of money, bought agricultural lands in their hometowns and now they are leading a good life there,” shared another user.

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