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Becoming parents is one of the best and most cherished feelings in the world. However, some people decide not to have kids and shoulder the responsibility of a child for several reasons.

Meanwhile, a woman has been grabbing headlines on social media after she decided to get pregnant for her gay friend. However, the woman’s husband is against the idea and isn’t talking to her anymore. The unusual story has now grabbed the limelight and sparked a debate online.

Sharing her story, the woman took to Reddit and wrote, “I (26,F) have a best friend (M,26). He's gay and married to his partner. I have a husband. We chose to not have kids. My friend and his partner decided to have a baby. My best friend is going to be the donor. Him and his partner asked me if I'd be their egg donor as they want the baby's "mom" involved in the baby's life. I was on board. However, when I mentioned this to my husband he was furious. He said he didn't like the idea of his wife having a baby with another man. I told him we would basically be the baby's aunt and uncle. He was not okay and now he isn't talking to me. So Reddit, AITAH?

AITH for having a baby with my best friend?
byu/Fabulous_Writing1879 inAITAH

Now, social media is divided over who is right – the woman or her husband. While many came out in support of the woman, others defended her husband.

“Agreeing before even discussing it with him was hugely dismissive and disrespectful. He's perfectly entitled to be hurt and angry. Why did you think it would go any other way?,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “So, who will be pregnant? You or another surrogate mother? If it was you, being pregnant for 9 months, having another man's baby, of course, your husband would not like that idea.”

“Ultimately, yes it’s your choice but the fact that having a baby for your gay friends is more important than staying married is pretty sad. And how is it OK for you to be involved in this baby’s life when you don’t want children of your own?,” commented a third user.