Poonam Singh

Despite centuries of searching, the whereabouts of the 17th-century English ship, the Merchant Royal, laden with an estimated 4 billion pounds worth of treasure, remain a mystery. 

Now, a UK company armed with cutting-edge technology aims to finally locate the fabled wreck, dubbed the "El Dorado of the Seas."

According to an NDTV report, Multibeam Services, specialists in locating lost wrecks, will devote the entirety of 2024 to scour a 200-square-mile expanse of the English Channel. Employing unmanned underwater vessels and state-of-the-art sonar,

they hope to unravel the enigma surrounding the ship's demise off the coast of Cornwall in 1641.

While the potential financial reward is immense, Multibeam's leader, Nigel Hodge, underscores the historical significance of any discovery, emphasizing that any retrieved treasure will be treated as precious heritage artefacts.

However, Nigel cautions against viewing the endeavour as a mere "gold rush," despite estimates suggesting the wreck could be worth billions. The treacherous waters where the Merchant Royal met its fate pose significant challenges to the search effort.

Based in Redruth and staffed by former fishermen, Multibeam Services exudes confidence in their ability to succeed where others have failed. Their local expertise and technological advancements position them for success in this daunting quest.

Notably, the shipwreck the Merchant Royal occurred on September 23, 1641, en route to Dartmouth. Before its sinking, the ship had made a stop in the Spanish port of Cadiz for repairs and to load additional cargo on its return journey from Mexico and the Caribbean.