Cassian Baliarsingh

Breakup is one of the most painful experiences and can be devastating. The feeling of rejection, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety can lead to intense emotional pain after a breakup.

But, imagine you get a sum of insurance money, kind of like severance pay after a breakup. Well, that’s what happened with a youth and he got Rs 25,000 after a breakup. Yes, the man received Rs 25,000 after his girlfriend cheated on him.

Taking to his Twitter handle, the youth, Prateek Aaryan shared the unique idea and it has caught the attention of the internet.

Sharing his story, Pratek wrote, “I got Rs 25,000 because my girlfriend cheated on me. When our relationship started we deposited a monthly Rs 500 each into a joint account during the relationship and made a policy that whoever gets cheated on, will walk away with all the money. That is Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF).”

He further wrote, “Women don’t think you can get the benefit of Heartbreak Insurance Fund (HIF) in a relationship. This policy is only for loyal ones.”

The unique concept has caught the attention of Twitterati as the post went viral with 755.7K views, 11.6K views and 834 retweets.

“Assuming that you both were in a relationship for around 2 years (25 months, to be precise). U Chose to deposit Rs 500 into a joint account and got Rs 25K in the end. However, a better approach would’ve been to buy shares for each other and have a policy that whoever gets cheated on,” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “The fact that she was losing all the money and still chose to cheat you. You see the potential? You can repeat it with other cases. You’re welcome for the business idea.”

“This is the most genius thing I have ever heard,” commented a third user.