Cassian Baliarsingh

A Bengaluru-based cab driver’s inspiring life journey and finding the real purpose in life is one of the best things you will read on the internet today. His life journey will surely give you motivation.

There are days when we feel de-motivated due to various reasons in personal and professional life. However, this cab driver’s story will make a positive impact on you.

The cab driver’s story was shared by Twitter user Sumit. Taking to his Twitter handle, Sumit wrote, “Met a cab driver @peakbengaluru on my way to the airport. Little did I know, this ride would be the most inspiring experience of my life.”

“This hardworking driver has been supporting his family as the sole earner for 17 years. But what he shared about what motivates him to keep going all night long left me in shock.”

“One night, he got a ride request he tried to avoid due to the distance and late hour. But, the ride kept getting reassigned to him. When arrived, he found out it was an emergency baby delivery. Without hesitation, they rushed to the hospital.”

“They arrived to find no doctors on duty. They quickly rushed to another hospital, and made it just in time for the baby’s birth. From that moment on, the driver found purpose in his work, knowing he wasn’t just driving but helping those in need.”

“He also shared that he believes in a surrounding power that keeps him calm and collected, even when things get tough. Let’s take a moment to appreciate those who work hard to support their families, and find purpose in our own work.”

Since being tweeted, the man’s story has received several likes and comments. The cab driver’s inspiring story is also giving many social media users a purpose in their life.

“Kudos to the cab driver! After all no work is small or big when done with full passion, sincerity, dedication and a good heart!” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “Wow, what an incredible story of perseverance and determination! This cab driver’s journey is a true inspiration for all. Thank you for sharing this uplifting story.”