Need for additional spillway for Hirakud dam questioned

Sambalpur: After the visit of an expert committee to Hirakud to assess the requirement of a spillway, the need for such a measure has become the moot question.

According to dam authorities, additional spillway will be constructed for release of increased amount of floodwaters to ensure the dam’s longevity.

Taking note of the massive siltation and other related issues in the reservoir where cracks have appeared due to lack of proper maintenance, the authorities had planned to construct more spillways.

Officials said while the tender process for the spillway would begin in a few months, constriction would start from the current fiscal. The cracks and holes near the spillways of the main dam were noticed during an underwater survey of the dam in 2002-03.

The dam authorities had later carried out repair of some of these cracks. While the dam earlier had the provision of gross discharge of 15 lakh cusecs of water from the spillways in 1957, considering the present situation and future of the dam, provisions for release of 24 lakh cusecs of water has been planned, sources said.