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  • Raveena and Ajay were dating each other at the time of Dilwale.
  • When the Singham actor met Lolo during Jigra he started dating her and dropped Raveena.

Whenever there is gossip about Raveena Tandon and her affairs, the first name that comes to the fore is that of Akshay Kumar. But long before she came in contact with Khiladi Kumar, the Mast Mast-girl was in a relationship with Ajay Devgn who was the heartthrob of millions after his debut movie Phool Aur Kante became a blockbuster.

Ajay’s overall strong personality and magical eyes were enough to woo girls on the screen and even off the screen. The Ajay-Raveena affair hit a rough patch when the Singham actor started shooting with Karisma Kapoor for Jigra. Ajay Devgn jilted Raveena Tandon and started dating Lolo which shocked and angered his ex-girlfriend to no extent.

During one of her interviews the Laadla actress even said that after Ajay ditched her for Karisma Kapoor, she tried to commit suicide. When Ajay Devgn was asked to comment on this he just called the suicide declaration as a publicity gimmick.

Raveena made racist comment on Ajay Devgn

While over the years these comments have died down, one particular statement by the Mohra girl still gives away the intense anger she felt when Ajay cheated her. During one of her interviews when the actress was asked to comment upon the Dilwale actor moving ahead with Karisma Kapoor, she said, “She can keep Ajay. I am not interested. When Ajay Karisma has babies, they will look like Zebras.”

This comment came out immediately after Ajay Devgn during one of his explosive interviews had said that Raveena needs a shrink. The bitterness also crept in between Raveena and Karisma who could not see eye to eye and the former even hinted on many occasions that Lolo has tried to replace her in many films.

The Tandon girl said, “I won’t name the heroine, but because she was insecure, she had me removed from four films. I was to do one of the films with her. She was closer to the producer and the hero. So these things do happen, but I’m not into playing these sorts of games.”

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While Raveena and Karisma are still not best friends, both of them are ready to work with each other or also with Ajay Devgn strictly for professional reasons.

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