Ambulance movement to become hassle-free

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to ensure smooth movement of Ambulances and prevent them from getting snarled by traffic congestion, the Commissionerate Police will soon implement a Global Positioning System (GPS) based tracking to enable traffic police to get prior information about the whereabouts of Ambulances. In the preliminary stage, the system is being implemented in Bhubaneswar and will be executed soon.

Acknowledging the fact that creating a separate lane for Ambulances is difficult, Police administration has come up with this GPS tracking system which will provide real-time data to Traffic Posts about the location of the Ambulance. This data will be used by traffic police to clear the traffic on the route of the Ambulance ahead of their arrival.

In this regard, the Commissionerate Police has written letters to all the hospitals to install GPS devices on their ambulances. Once the devices are installed, data on location of Ambulances will be available to Traffic police stations and also on the mobile devices of traffic officials.

“Through this initiative, we are trying to create a system wherein the traffic police at all the intersections will be alerted about the location of Ambulance. Moreover, the Traffic Police is also working on a system to co-ordinate the movement of VIP vehicles and ambulances. It will enable the traffic administration to regulate the movement of VIP vehicles so that it doesn’t hamper the movement of Ambulances,” said Police Commissioner Rajendra Prasad Sharma.