Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a recent online scam, fraudsters have started defrauding common people by posing as former Team India captain MS Dhoni with an aim to dupe money from them.

As per reports, a scammer pretending to be Dhoni, texted a social media user on Instagram recently. The fraudster claimed to be stranded in Ranchi with no funds. 

With the username ‘mahi77i2’, the imposter asked for Rs 600 to return home. To appear authentic in front of the user, the scammer also sent a selfie of the former Chennai Super Kings captain and with slogan ‘Whistle Podu’. 

“Hi, I am MS Dhoni. I am messaging you from a private account. I am in Ranchi outskirts and have forgotten wallet. Can you PhonePe me Rs 600 so I can return home by bus, will send back once I get home,” the fraudster sent the user in a text message.

The screenshot of which was shared on social media. Immediately, the shared post got significant attention garneringover 200,000 views within no time.

However, Dhoni’s original Instagram handle is ‘mahi 7781’.

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