After Onion, Potato prices in State inching upwards

Bhubaneswar/ Cuttack: Just as Onion prices have started inching lower, Potato prices are on their way up. Prices of tuber which were at Rs 10 a kilo have suddenly seen an increase to Rs 13-14 a kilo.

According to traders, for various reasons there is likelihood that the harvest of Potato this season will get delayed.

“Given the amount of potatoes stocked in cold storages of Odisha and West Bengal, there is no problem in the near future. However, the cultivation of Potato is already delayed this season and proper assessment of the prices could only be done after looking at the situation going forward,” informed Cuttack Chatrabazaar traders’ association president Debendra Sahoo.

On the other hand, prices of onion have started to come down. According to sources, with the begining of harvest in Nasik, prices are expected to come down further after Diwali.

Notably, consumers are bearing the brunt of high prices of these two essential commodities for at least 3 to 4 months a year.