Tale of two melody queens

Bhubaneswar: They reign over the hearts of many with every step of their captivating dance performance when they are on stage. To act on the silver screen is their golden dream. But the off-stage tale of these melody queens says something different.

Priti Priyadarshini Nayak, a girl from a poverty-stricken family living in the bylanes of Salia Sahi slum of Bhubaneswar toils hard to provide three square meals for her family. Aiming to be a star on the big screen, Priti dreams every day and practices accordingly in her small hut. But, indigent condition of her family compelled her to be confined within the melody stage. And she has not waited for a big break in the film or tale screen though she loves acting apart from dance.

She said her dream has been trapped in the whirlpool of poverty. “My income is meagre as a small stage melody dancer. But my contribution towards my family is big. Since childhood, I have a passion to be a good danseuse. I also love acting and singing,” Priti said.

The tale of another girl, Jyoti, from the same area, is no different. The minor dancer sometimes compromises with semi-nude costume to give cent percent amusement to the audience. But, lion’s share of her income goes to the pocket of event manager. The tale of her performance can summarily be narrated as a dance for empty stomach.

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“We have no alternative, but to compromise with everything which the audience want. Because situation forces us to step out of the slum to eke out a living for our penniless family. And only for that we never bother anybody’s comment near the stage during performance,” Jyoti quipped.