Pyari’s family rubbishes death rumours in social media

Bhubaneswar/Mumbai: Family members of Ex-MP Pyarimohan Mohapatra today reacted sharply over rumours being spread about the latter’s death in various social media.

Speaking exclusively to OTV from Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital, Pyari’s son Sambit said his father’s health condition still remains to be critical and expressed dissatisfaction over publication of wrong news about his father.

“Father’s condition is still critical. Doctors are treating him well. We are hopeful for his recovery. Rumours about his death are already spreading in social media which is not right,”

“He is very much alive and is with us. He is presently being treated for serious meningitis. Lots of health complications have arisen over the period of last few months after he got cured from cancer,” Sambit said.

Pyari’s daughter Seema Mohapatra also urged people not to spread rumours about death of her father.

“Our father is with us and is being treated at the hospital. Please try not to spread such rumours about his death at this time. At least please confirm about the news from us,” she said.