Pulse prices in Odisha to come down in two months

Bhubaneswar: The price of pulses in Odisha is expected to come down in two months. The Centre has informed the states that it would supply pulses to them by June.

Food Supply and Consumer Welfare secretary Madhusudan Padhi informed that the Centre has decided to supply non-milled arhar (Harada) dal at Rs 62 per kg to the states and asked them to sell milled arhar dal at Rs 120 per kg.

“Generally, the price of pulses goes up during July, August and September. The consignment may reach Odisha during this period or even earlier by June. Considering the decision of the Centre to supply pulses to Odisha, the state government has planned for even distribution of pulses in the block and urban areas. If the consignment comes at a lower price, the traders in the state will sell the pulses at a cheaper rate,” he added.

“The Centre, with a view to regulating the prices of pulses, has asked the states to submit a report on their requirement of arhar and moong (green gram) dal. Accordingly, we will soon propose to the Centre for supply of 5000 tonnes of pulses to the state every month,” he said.

Padhi also said his department had prepared a comprehensive plan for milling and packing of arhar dal after receiving the consignment from the Centre.

Meanwhile, the Odisha Byabasayee Sangh has said the proposal of the state government to procure 5000 tonnes of arhar dal from the Centre will not meet the requirement of the consumers in the state.

“If the consignment reaches Odisha in June, it will take 15 days at the most for milling and packing of arhar dal Thus the consumers will get the pulses in June. But I don’t understand why the government has decided to distribute arhar dal to the consumers in July,” Sudharkar Panda, general secretary of the Odisha Byabasayee Sangh, told media persons.

Talking about the proposal of the state government to procure 5000 tonnes of pulses per month from the Centre, he said while the requirement of pulses in Odisha is 15,000 tonnes per month, the amount of pulses proposed by the state government will be finished within a week.

The state government has decided that each consumer in the blocks and urban local bodies will be entitled to purchase one kg of arhar dal by showing the ration card and identity card.