Malkangiri migrant labourer becomes victim of kidney theft racket

Malkangiri: There seems to be no end to the trauma of the migrant labourers of Malkangiri district who move outside the state to earn bread and butter for their family. The plight of the two brothers of Titang village of the district bears ample testimony to it.

According to reports, while one of the two brothers is allegedly trapped in the nets of kidney theft rackets, the other is missing since last one year.

Reports said, Irma Madkami and his younger brother Kasa Madkami of Titang village had gone to Vijaywada in Andra Pradesh in search of work.

While working in a bore well company in Vijaywada, Irma met with an accident in 2014 and admitted to Suresh Hospital in the city.

After his discharge from the hospital, the contractor sent him back to his village giving him Rs 10,000. After returning to village his health condition deteriorated. When Irma consulted doctors, he found his one of the two kidneys has missing.

Samuru Madkami, father of Irma alleged, “My son faced an accident while working in a bore well company. They have taken out my son’s kidney while he was undergoing treatment at a hospital there.”

Similarly, there is no whereabouts of Kasa since last one year. Every time the family members tried to contact him, they have failed, a local said.

“While one brother managed to return to the village with much difficulty, there is no trace of the other,” he added.

Recently, Dambaru Madhi, a migrant labourer working in Telengana had died under a roadside tree after an ambulance van which took him from Suresh hospital dumped him under the tree on the border area of Malkangiri.