Keonjhar villages in grip of malaria fever

Keonjhar: After people in the district alleged medical negligence in preventing malaria fever from spreading, three medical teams led by the ADMO visited the affected areas and collected blood samples from the people.

Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Bala, ADMO, Keonjhar said, “ASHA workers have been provided the perfect Malaria test kits and tablets. We are alert and teams have been sent to areas where most of the people are affected.”

Meanwhile, people of the Mahadejoda panchayat have alleged that medical medical authorities have not paid any attention to their area.

Bimala Kumar Giri, a patient, said, “No doctors have been made available to us. I don’t who is at fault.”

Bijayalakshmi Giri, a patient suffering from fever for the past seven days, said, “There has been some relief after taking medicines yesterday.”

A similar situation was seen in Kashipur block of Rayagada district. Mobile Healthcare Units reached the area and collected blood samples.

Jagdish Patra, a Kashipur resident, said, “Many people here are suffering from fever. However, no doctor has been seen in the area.”

Begging to differ, Dr Ram Prasad Mohapatra of the mobile health unit (MHU), Kashipur, said, “Blood samples of 126 patients were taken. All of them were suffering from upper tract and common cold infection and no one tested positive for malaria in the area.”