For security of son and self, Sishir moves OHRC

Bhubaneswar: Two days after charging his estranged wife Monica of mentally and physically torturing their minor son, former chief minister Giridhar Gamang’s son Sishir Gamang on Monday appealed the Odisha Human Rights Commission (OHRC) to provide security to the father-son duo.

Sishir in his petition before the rights panel said, since he has brought allegations against her, the latter could bring harm to Sishir and his son.

Meanwhile the Commission has said the matter would be sent to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) as it was first reported to him on September 1.

While the matter has become a talk of the town, a fierce argument has ensued between Sishir and Monica on a social networking site. Both have accused each other for the present scenario.

To a post of Sishir in Facebook, in which Sishir has burst out against some for ‘deserting in worst times’, Monica challenged his former husband ‘to have courage and strength to face the truth.’

“…I will never forget people who were there during my worst times, brought me into the worst times and left me during the worst times and deleted me from their Facebook accounts when passing through worst times…….I thank also those who did not stand by me and made me realise that I can do a lot of things alone and help brought back my eroded & long lost confidence (I don’t to mention her name but found it strange that she fought with my kid even after knowing the truth, may God give her some brains),” Sishir’s post said.

Monica replied: “…We have already seen to what levels you can stoop down. I just still pray and hope you have the courage and strength to face the truth. Don’t know how will you handle it and can’t help being concerned about a self destructive who was an angel once, showing his true colours now. Actually it is different for you I can understand you come from a political family and everything is fair for you in your war. However I feel had you tried to become a good human being it would have been more sustainable in the long run.”