DNA test confirms bodies found in Jharkhand were of Om, Dipu

Cuttack: Commissionerate Police on Monday confirmed that the two burnt bodies recovered from West Singhbhum area in Jharkhand were of Dipu and Om, the two former associates of arrested criminal siblings Sushil and Sushant Dhalasamant.

The police confirmed it after the DNA test report of Dipu, Om matched with their family members.

The Commissionerate Police had collected the blood samples of family members of Om and Dipu for DNA test to confirm whether the two burnt bodies recovered from the neighbouring state were of the duo or not.

The police had sent the blood samples and remains of the Dipu and Om’s body to the forensic lab here. Later, the samples were sent to a well established lab outside the state through FSL to conduct a DNA test.

Notably, Om and Dipu were taken from their house to a farm house near Athgarh and beaten to death by D-brothers and their accomplices.

To destroy evidence, the criminal siblings later took the bodies of Dipu and Om to Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum area and burnt the bodies with petrol. After four-five days, the bodies, which were burnt 80%, were discovered by the nearby villagers.