Budget Session: Opposition nitpicks with Governor’s address

Bhubaneswar: Opposition BJP and Congress have termed governor SC Jamir’s address on the inaugural day of the budget session on Tuesday as ‘hopeless’.

Alleging that the State government wanted to show only a ‘rosy picture’ about Odisha’s development and progress while the real picture is completely ‘negative’, the parities lambasted the ruling BJD for not presenting facts and figures.

“Two years back, the ruling party had promised 35% irrigation facility in every block of the State. Has it succeeded in this? Does the party have any answer to our question? We want a reply from the party and not false assurances on development and industrialisation,” BJP MLA Pradeep Purohit rued.

“The only reason behind the recent farmer suicide cases in the State is lack of irrigation facility for the poor farmers. They have lost their valuable lives but the State government is impervious to their woes. Besides, electricity is yet to reach many villages of the State. How you (BJD) will develop your State?” Purohit asked.

“The government only wanted to show a rosy picture of development through the Governor’s address. It is meaningless,” he rued.

The Congress also echoed the Padampur legislator’s criticism.

“The State government has ditched the people of Odisha through the speech of the Governor. The speech wascompletely hopeless. If the government claims that the law and order situation is stable, from where did the D-brothers’ case appear? The ruling party has itself proved that the law and order situation in Odisha has deteriorated,” senior Congress leader Narasingha Mishra said.

Reacting on the opposition parties’ remarks, the ruling BJD hailed the speech.

“The figures given in the Governor’s speech are correct. The State government’s success has been reflected in today’s speech and there is no fabrication of any facts and figures. The law and order situation in Odisha is completely under control,” BJD spokesperson Sameer Dash said.