Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Water is vital for life. Every living being on earth requires water to survive. However, amid the rising global warming, water scarcity is increasing. Several natural water resources are running dry, triggering concern for the wildlife and animals or birds depending on it. Encountering thirsty and hungry animals at tourist places is quite common. But only a few kind-hearted humans care to quench their thirst and hunger.

One such video has surfaced on social media, recently. The act of kindness of a tourist will certainly win your hearts.

In the video, a youth is seen standing near a monkey on the roadside. The monkey can be seen holding its offspring tightly while the youth bends down to give some water to the primate. The monkey can be seen chewing some food. But, at the same time, it seems confused whether to accept the youth's offer or not. The thirsty monkey wanting to quench its thirst, moves forward and drinks some water. As it seems, the monkey is quite thirsty as it gulps the water. Meanwhile, another thirsty monkey with its offspring walks in and pulls the water bottle to quench its thirst.

The first monkey, dissatisfied with the water offering at first, takes some more water sips.

Suddenly, a third monkey with its offspring approaches the tourist and both the monkeys walk out after they quench their thirst.

The youth seems to be quite happy as he hand-feeds the thirsty monkeys.

Undoubtedly, being kind to others doesn't cost a penny. Rather it satisfies the kind person and makes them happy.

The video shared on Instagram by motivation0to100 has gone viral. Garnering over 41K likes, the video has been viewed massively. The comments section is also flooded with statements of users expressing their love and gratitude for the youth. Moreover, the comments section is also flooded with red heart emoticons.