Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is popularly referred to as Mr Perfectionist. Aamir's dedication to his craft and his meticulous approach to filmmaking earned him the title. Be it Lagaan, Ghazni, 3 Idiots, PK or Dangal, Aamir left no stone unturned to turn his character lively. But, do you know how he got the 'Mr Perfectionist' tag and who gave it?

Recently, Aamir graced The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show for the first time where he talked about his acting journey and shared some interesting anecdotes. However, the highlight of the episode was Aamir revealing the origin of the term 'Mr Perfectionist.'

The Story Behind 'Mr Perfectionist'

During the show, Aamir went down memory lane and said, "This label that I have been given of being a 'perfectionist,' only one person is responsible for it."

When Kapil asked, "Who?", Aamir replied, "Shabana Azmi."

Sharing the anecdote, Aamir continued, "When I was new to cinema, I was shooting the film Dil. Indra Kumar was the director and Baba Azmi was the cameraman. Baba Azmi was the top cameraman, we often used to go to his house."

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"One day we were engrossed in a deep discussion maybe about films and Shabana Ji brought tea for us. She asked, 'Aamir, how much sugar will you take?'", he added.

Further, Aamir said, "I was so engrossed in the discussion, I didn't realise what she was asking. I turned around and looked at her. It took me five seconds to process the question. I asked, 'How big is the glass?' She showed me the cup. Then I asked, 'How big is the spoon?' She showed me the spoon and then I said, 'One spoon.' She narrated the story everywhere."

When Aamir said 'Hatta Yaar' to Rajkumar Hirani as he ditched his shorts and bared it all for PK

PK is one of the most iconic movies of Aamir Khan, where he played the role of an alien. On Kapil Sharma's show, Aamir recounted some of the challenges behind the scenes from the set of PK. He also shared about the lengths he had to go to in order to capture the perfect shot.

Fans must be remembering the opening scene of PK when Aamir ran to a man after landing from the spaceship and while the man snatched away his gadget from his neck, the alien was left with the man's radio. Aamir covered his body with the radio. But, did you know that Aamir actually ditched his shorts and bared it all for the scene?

When Aamir shared his concerns with Hirani about the opening scene, Hirani reassured him that specially made shorts would cover his frontal part, drawing comparison to wearing an abdominal guard in cricket.

However, on the day of the shoot, the guard slipped off multiple times when Aamir ran.

Recounting the experience, Aamir said, "On the shooting day, I wore those shorts. I came out with the radio. All phones were hidden on the set. I had to run in that scene. Till the time I was walking, it was okay. But, when I had to run...(laughs). When I would run, the shorts would come off because it was fixed by a tape."

Further, he added, "I faced a lot of difficulties in that shot. After one or two attempts, I told Raju, 'Hatta Yaar' (remove it). I wanted to give the perfect shot. So, I chucked it aside. I told everyone to go far behind the camera and I ran."

Initially, Aamir felt embarrassed by the thought of appearing nude on set. However, once he was in the moment, his focus shifted to the task, and he realised that the scene's success was more important than any discomfort or embarrassment.

"So, I told Raju, 'These are unimportant things. What's the big deal if you see me naked? We need to get the shot.' I didn't feel embarrassed at that time. I was also shocked that I did it," Aamir added.