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Social media is flooded with videos of different wild animal species. While some videos are inspiring and spread positivity, others may be depressing or spread negativity. However, recently, the video of India's popular tigress has made everyone emotional as it captures the final moments of the big cat.

The video is of Madhya Pradesh's famous Tigress 'Collarwali' who succumbed due to old age in 2022. However, Collarwali still remains alive in the memories of wild animal lovers. 

In the viral video, the tigress can be seen taking a short stroll near a water stream and lying down there. As the camera pans to the other side, several forest officials and tourists can be seen witnessing the last moments of 'collarwali' with teary eyes.

The next visuals in the video show some still photos when forest guards can be seen carrying the carcass of the tigress on a wooden stretcher with due respect. The next picture shows the funeral pyre of the big cat and several people gathering around it to pay their last respects. The video also shows the last glimpse of collarwali on the funeral pyre. Even, the video shows the 'super mom' being examined by veterinarian and forest officials. In the pictures, several locals, and forest officials can be seen gathered near the funeral pyre with folded hands.

Remembering Collarwali- The Super Mom

Collarwali was born in 2005 as T-15. She was also affectionately called 'Mataram' or 'respected mother' by wildlife lovers. Its mother was also a famous tigress and popularly known as 'badi mata' or 'big mother' and its father's name was T-1. 

Collarwali got the name as it was the first tigress to be radio-collared in 2008. After the first collar malfunctioned, it was radio-collared again in 2010. The big cat played a significant role in increasing the family of tigers in Pench by giving birth to 29 cubs, which still remains a world record.

As per records, collarwali first gave birth to three cubs in 2008. However, they couldn't survive. Next, the big cat delighted everyone by delivering litter after litter at relatively short intervals - including a 'bumper' one of five cubs in 2010, which remains a rare feat according to naturalists. Hence, it got the name 'Super Mom'. In 2018, she delivered four cubs for the last time.

The tigress was often mistaken as a male due to her big size. Before its birth, sightings of a tiger were rare. However, after collarwali's birth things changed and it became the most-sighted tigress. Gradually, it became the face of Pench and was most loved by wildlife explorers, visitors, forest officials and locals. The tigress was a tourist lover and stepped out on the road after hearing jeeps approaching. While she was unusually friendly with tourists, she was a tough mother. She exposed her cubs to the risks of the world early in their lives. However, collarwali was also affectionate and caring as well.

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The pride of Pench Tiger Reserve, 'collarwali' tigress, died due to old age with multiple organ failures at the age of 17 in January 2022. She was the longest-lived tigress of the reserve. Collarwali was consigned to flames with due respect leaving a void in the hearts of tiger lovers, forest officials and locals.

Collarwali's great contribution towards Tiger conservation efforts in India will be reminisced forever.

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