Soumya Prakash Pradhan

When a baby is young, all the members of the family guide and introduce new things to him/her.

They spend a lot of time nurturing and guiding the child. When a child experiences something new, their excitement grows. 

Their first encounter with something they love brings joy to both the child and the family members, creating happy and exciting moments for everyone in the family.

Recently, a video is going viral on social media showing a small child's joyful expression with her father on a bike.

The video starts with the father riding the bike, and the little girl is seated in front, wearing a helmet. 

When the bike starts and the engine sound fills the air, her excitement is truly captivating. 

Her innocent happiness melts your heart. This video clearly shows how impressive and delightful a small child can be when sitting on a bike, expressing pure joy by happily moving her hands.

The video was shared by her father on Instagram (@cgty.can), with the caption "Look at my princess' excitement 😂 my honey kiss 💕". It garnered 35.2 million views and numerous comments.

One user commented, "Men scroll, men see 👀, men happy 🥰", while another wrote, "Pov: every man’s dream". Another user wrote, “Cutie 💗.” Someone else commented, “Her smile made my day ❤️🫶.” 

Another user wrote, “Tu kyu khuss ho raha hai bhai pahle Sadi to kar le 🙂❤️.” Another user said, “This is the man who achieved everything in his life 💞.” 

Another user commented, “Living in more boys” dreams 🫠🪐💯.” Another user wrote, “She is cuter than cute.”

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