Soumya Prakash Pradhan

A new trend is emerging where even small events are turning into grand celebrations in India and sometimes these big events lead to unexpected problems.

A recent incident illustrates this concern. Things took a dangerous turn during a couple's extravagant celebration to mark their baby's first birthday.

A viral video shows the parents proudly walking with their baby amid what seemed like a lavish party.

Unfortunately, fireworks meant to mark the occasion went wrong, causing injuries to the mother of the baby.

The video reveals the moment when a firecracker misfired, injuring the mother and terrifying the baby. 

Amid the chaos, the father rushed to help his wife, while an elderly woman comforted the crying baby.

One user on X shared the video, calling the parents "Showoff, dangerous, immature & irresponsible.

The video went viral, sparking reactions from users on social media. One user commented, “Chutiye parents hai”, while another noted, “Only dadi came to the rescue.” Another user criticised the parents, saying, “Ye party planners jo na karwa dein... par ye kaise chumtiya parents hain jo show off mein khud ke bache ko lifetime ke liye traumatized kar rahe hain 😔.” 

Another commented, “WTF is going on??? The child starts crying after getting burned!! What a shameless husband and father... putting his family in danger 😭😭🤬🤬.”  Yet another user added, “OMG! This is very irresponsible.”

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