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A viral video of hundreds of Indian youths queuing outside Tim Hortons for job in Canada has left the internet speechless. While Canada is the dream of every Indian student who wants to go abroad, the grim job situation and living standards have become a matter of concern.

The viral video shows Indians and dozens of other foreign students queuing outside Tim Hortons, a popular coffee and fast-food chain to get jobs. An Indian student in Toronto, Canada shared the video highlighting the intense competition for part-time employment among international students.

Nishat shared that he is a student in Toronto and has been hunting for a part-time job for a month now. Even though he reached the job fair 30 minutes before time, there were hundreds of others like him standing in the queue to get the job.


A post shared by Nishat (@heyiamnishat)

“More than 100 students had already showed up for the job fair. Looking at the long line, even the white people nearby were shocked thinking what the hell is happening here,” Nishat shared. 

Tim Hortons staff collected all the resumes of the job seekers and dismissed them all, saying they would receive an interview call. Devastated Nishat then travelled to another part of the city to apply for a job at a store. 

“I don’t know if I will find a job at either store. So this was my day full of struggle,” he added. Sharing the video on Instagram, he wrote, “Job Fair at Tim Hortons Aur Struggle Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost.”

His video has got immense attention from social media users who took to the comment section and compared the situation with India.

“India is best than living such a life, it is better to work hard and spend a dream life with your family,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “2 dollar meh Mera pura engineering ka book print out ho gaya tha…”

“Abe pizza hi banana tha toh India me kud ka store khol leta. Itna bachodi kyu,” commented another user.

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