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Once a glorious witness to the flourishing Indian history, this century-old temple is slowly becoming history, all thanks to the alleged negligent attitude of the government and officials concerned for decades. Left to rot in dilapidated condition, the age-old temple is dying a slow death.

It is almost lost to the ground with just the tip of the temple visible to the naked eye. However, the officials concerned are still in deep slumber. Located at Mukundagad near the prominent Kapileswar Temple at Mahulpalli village under Bhagbanpur panchayat in Ganjam district, the 8th-century shrine is in serious need of revival.

“We have always heard about it from our forefathers. I will tell you about 1969, there was a temple. Now, it is completely buried underground with its top portion only visible. As our village is quite interior and inaccessible, no one is bothered to revive the temple,” Udayanath Gouda, a local, said.

Similarly, another local Vaishab Charan Das said, “Yes, we are witness to an ancient temple there. Till today, there are relics and other proofs to prove the existence of the temple. There was also a pond where kings and his servitors visited during their time. It would be great if the temple is revived.”

As per popular belief, King Baladev Jew who ruled the area had built the temple and the pond there. However, due to lack of maintenance, both the temple and the pond are dying a slow death over the years.

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“I’ve been visiting this place for the last 25 years and the temple is slowly getting buried. I remember it was of my height when I first visited it at the age of 15. Now, it has been slowly buried in the ground over the years. Every year I come here, clean the ruins and try to preserve them. Archaeologists should visit the place and dig it out to know the history of the age-old temple,” said Dr Sitadhi Rath, an archaeologist.

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