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Lovebirds often face significant challenges when their relationships are opposed by their families. This can lead to extreme emotional distress, and in some tragic cases, they step ahead to end their lives. The emotional and psychological toll of familial rejections can be profound on the lovebirds. The overwhelming sense of hopelessness and threats of disownment, social ostracism, or even physical harm, may lead these individuals to view suicide as the only escape from their predicament. Though such extreme steps are not correct in any sense, we come across several cases of lovebirds killing themselves.

However, recently a video surfaced on the internet that shows lovebirds, who jumped into a river to end their lives, being rescued by some fishermen. While they were not able to end their precious lives, they probably would have learned a serious life lesson from fishermen.

In the video, a man can be seen dragging out a youth from the river. As soon as they reach the bank, the rescuer hits the youth on his face out of anger. While the youth lies in the same position, he again gets thrashed. From the reactions of the man, it seems, he is scolding the youth. 

As the camera pans, a girl can be seen surrounded by three men. The men were trying to make the girl normal. The girl completely drenched in water seems to be not at her best. While the girl asks one of the men to move aside, the camera pans to the youth who is seen lying still in the same position.

As claimed, the boy and girl jumped into the river to end their lives. But, they were saved by some fishermen. After that, the fishermen taught the boy a life lesson by thrashing him. Reportedly, the incident took place in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh.


While the authenticity of the video and truth behind the claims couldn't be verified, shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Rajesh Sahu has fumed netizens. 

One user wrote, "They all don't even care about their parents, Shameful." (sic)

Another commented, "Jo baap maa na kar sake wo machhuaara kar dikhaya." (sic)

However, some other users wrote in support of the lovebirds. 

One wrote, "They need counselling...teenagers and those who fall in love with pressure from all sides will be traumatised when they find themselves adrift in the ocean of life of good and evil. Life is precious....let every soul live and let live.." (sic)

"Nobody would criticize this society which led to all this. If they had been accepted by the society, and parents in the first place this would have never happened," wrote another. (sic)

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