Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In this internet age, youths are quite fond of making reels while performing on different songs or punch lines of different movies. Even streaming live videos is another approach to garnering popularity on social media . Social media users come across several videos every day of which some deserve appreciation while others will leave you rolling on the floors, laughing. 

Here we bring you a video that shows a group of lady teachers grooving to a hot dance number. However, their performance ends on a hilarious note after a group of male teachers enter the classroom.

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Remember the hot and sizzling performance of Shamita Shetty on Sharara from Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. While Shamita was showered with praises for her performance, legendary singer Asha Bhosle stunned everyone again with her melodious voice. 

While the song still remains the favourite among youths, the girls, seeming to be teachers under training, selected the song to dance. The performance of the group of girls was perfectly in sync with the music beats and their presentation was quite appreciable. 

The girls were immersed in making a perfect reel inside the classroom. Meanwhile, a group of men (teachers under training) enter the classroom in the background. One of the girls notices them while entering, but continues to dance. 

However, after a few steps, the girl runs forward after seeing someone behind. After the girl, all others looked behind and end their dance. As claimed, the girls ended their show after the trainer entered the classroom.

The video shared on Instagram by kris_stal has gone viral while winning the hearts of netizens. With over 2.6 million likes, the comment box is flooded with hilarious notes.

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