Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

People start experiencing loss of mobility with the approach of old age . Most physical activities get restricted owing to different health concerns. However, there are some lively elderly people who break the stereotypes and prove that age is just a number. 

Absolutely, one can do anything and everything as per desire and at any time. One needs to be young at heart to live life and enjoy it.

Here we bring a video that will prove you wrong if you have such thoughts regarding elderly persons and their restricted lifestyle.

As seen in the video, two elderly men are seen dancing to the beats of the Murga dance. While both the persons are dancing with their hearts out, one among them seems to be enjoying the dance a lot.

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Meanwhile, another youth joins the elderly men, but a few moments later, steps back as he couldn’t match their moves. Later, another kid joins them but he also steps out of the league. 

Well, both the elderly persons prove that one needs to be energetic and young at heart and every action will turn lively.

The video shared on Instagram by riteshgupta_2891 is the new craze on the internet. Netizens have showered likes for the energetic performance of the duo and have also flooded the comment section with hilarious remarks.

One user wrote, “Wire me ab bhi current hai.” (sic)

Another user wrote, “Chacha o chacha, jara rest kr lijiye, wrna rest in peace ho jayiyenge.” (sic)

“Aap sabhi ko namste app app ese hi jindagi ke safar ko enjoyed kijiye,” wrote a third user. (sic)

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