Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Old age is an inevitable part of the life process. But, it is certainly the childhood phase that remains most entertaining for all. Almost everyone misses the childhood phase while growing older. It is also said that older people start behaving like children beyond a certain age.

There are several science-backed reasons suggesting that advancing age takes a toll and elderly people behave like children.

Here we bring a video of an elderly couple , who seem to be enjoying their lives just like children. The couple is seen enjoying the moment to the fullest.

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In the video, the elderly couple is seen getting ready for a playful moment in a snow-clad area. The elderly man is seen helping the woman to sit. However, the woman falls back while sitting. The duo is seen laughing and enjoying the moment. 

The man tries to make her sit again, but the woman falls again on the ground laughing. The elderly man then makes her roll on the ground and the woman happily rolls down on the snow. 

A few moments later, the man rushes to lift her from the ground, but the woman seems to be in no mood to rise from the ground. Both are seen enjoying every moment in the snow, just like children .

The video shared on Twitter by 'The Figen' has by now been viewed over 221K times and has been liked massively by netizens. Moreover, several users went on to hail the elderly couple and showered love on them.