Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Have you ever seen an elderly person in your family struggling to operate mobile phones? Well, it is easier for young people to operate and explore the high-end features of different tech gadgets. But, elderly people face difficulties in operating even a simple keypad mobile.

Though most elderly people may not have a keen interest in handheld gadgets, some must be quite eager to use one of those devices. 
Here we bring a video that shows an elderly couple gifting each other mobile phones. Their reaction after receiving the gifts is winning the hearts of netizens. 

As seen in the video, an elderly woman is seen walking towards an elderly man. She is holding an Apple iPhone, which she is hiding behind her back. On the other hand, the elderly man is walking towards her hiding a Jio handset. Both stretch out their hands asking for something, with heart-winning smiles glued to their faces.

At first, the elderly woman gifts the iPhone to the man and he seemed to be quite surprised. By then, the woman demands her gift eagerly. With hesitation, the man hands her the Jio handset to which the woman jumps with excitement.

Though this video seems to be staged, it has won the hearts of netizens. 

“God bless them Both,” wrote one user. Another user commented, “Heart touching moment.” “You can feel a true relation because the relation of now days is depend on only money,” penned a third user.