Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Life is colourless without love and emotions. It is love and emotion that bind two persons and unites the two souls. Everyone wishes to continue their life filled with love and care alongside their life partner. However, there are ups and downs in lives that take a toll on married life. 

Well, all is well that ends well. Isn’t it?

How do you try to convince your wife or partner after a fight? If it is tough for you to settle the matter, you can take a hint from this elderly couple

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows an elderly couple sitting by the roadside. Suddenly the woman hits her husband to which the man reacts adversely and tries to get away from the place. However, the woman started crying while trying to stop her husband. 

The next frame of the video showed the woman kissing her husband on his cheeks and lips. Later, the man also pampers his wife with affection. 

The video is winning the hearts of netizens. 

Indeed, the elderly couple gave the best life lesson. How worse the situation is, it can be resolved with love and care. This could be the best way to end the fight and continue living with love and caring for each other.