Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The current generation is tech-savvy with innumerable advanced tech devices. While the young generation is quite acquainted with tech gadgets, several elderly persons struggle to use the equipment comfortably. Every day social media gets flooded with countless selfies and clicks of the younger generation but it is rare to find selfies of elderly couples

Here we bring a video that shows an elderly couple struggling to click selfies while travelling in a metro

As seen in the video, the elderly man is holding his mobile phone turning on its camera. Meanwhile, his wife sitting beside him is looking anxiously as she poses for a selfie with her husband. However, the first attempt to click a selfie fails as the elderly man is not sure if he will be able to click a good picture with his wife. 

In the second attempt, the man finally clicks a photo but is not satisfied with the outcome and nods his head out of dissatisfaction. 

Later, the couple interacts and the woman assures her husband that he can click perfectly. Getting support from his wife, the man gains the confidence to click a photo. But, again fails. Even, from his reactions and hesitation, it seemed, he felt shy at times. 

Finally, the elderly couple stood up and managed to click a selfie to their satisfaction. 

Netizens have showered praise and love on the elderly couple for their constant efforts to achieve what they intended to.