Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Marriage is all about uniting two persons. But, it is more than just loving, sharing, and caring. The couple needs to abide by the promises till their last breath. There are several bright examples of ideal couples who lead their lives happily by holding each other’s hands even though they come across several ups and downs. 

While leading a married life, situations come up that trigger a variance in thoughts and prompt a fight. Such situations are quite common till a certain age as with growing age; many realise the importance and value of their life partner in their life. But, that doesn’t mean that no elderly couple will fight. 

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Here we bring a video that has recently surfaced on the internet. The video shows an elderly couple fighting on Mumbai streets. 

As seen in the video, the elderly woman is raising a steel kitchen appliance to hit the elderly man. However, the man snatches the appliance from her and raises it to hit her. Meanwhile, from the physical actions of the woman, it seems, she is warning the man of dire consequences if he hits her. 

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Though the man initiates attempts to hit her, he couldn’t. Later, the woman tries to snatch the appliance with a sudden charge.

As claimed by some users, the incident took place in Mumbai’s Malad west, near MM Mithaliwala. 

Meanwhile, the netizens have hailed the fight and termed it as a dream to grow old with their life partner.

One user said, “That's true love right there,” while another said, “Inshallah one day her and I.” किसी ने क्या खूब कहा है - "हम लड़ते भी उसी से हैं जिससे हम प्यार करते हैं," said a third user.

“He loved her thats y he didn't hit her,” said another.

The video shared on Twitter by Ghar Ke Kalesh has now been viewed over 33k times and is being reshared by many.