Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Traditional rituals, gatherings of friends and relatives, fun, music, dance, lights, colourful decorations, and feasts are inseparable parts of any Indian wedding. Excitement among everyone at the wedding, including the bride and groom , remains high. However, the thrill fades away when any upsetting incident occurs. 

Petty fights are pretty common in marriages. Anyhow, the relatives or the guests give their best to resolve the issues and normalise everything. But, what would happen if the bride and groom pick up a fight on their wedding stage?

Videos of several such incidents have gone viral that show ugly fights between the bride and groom . But, here we bring a video that went viral on social media recently and shows a bride and groom hitting each other with shoes, triggering a high-voltage drama on the wedding stage and leaving all the guests stunned.

As seen in the video, the bride and groom are seen standing opposite each other and engaged in a verbal altercation. However, the groom gets suddenly irked and attacks the bride with his wedding shoe. Meanwhile, the relatives present near the newlywed couple try to stop them, but, the bride also tries to hit the groom with her shoe. However, she fails.

A few moments later, the groom charges to the bride again and drags her by the hair. Both of them land on the wedding throne while fighting. However, the bride continues to hit the groom.

The video shared on Instagram by kashyap_memer has triggered a memefest. Netizens have taken a dig at the newlywed couple for their weird and disturbing actions at their wedding.

(The said video has now been removed by the user.)

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