Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Family and relatives certainly remain highly excited and alert at weddings . But, friends reap the enjoyment to the fullest. It is the friends of either the groom or the bride that make the most out of the wedding. Moreover, it is friends, who get mischievous at weddings to turn the event more enjoyable and memorable. 

You must have come across videos in which friends of brides or grooms create trouble for their friend’s partner. Well, though friends only intend fun, sometimes the prank goes wrong triggering either a hilarious or an embarrassing situation.

Here we bring a video from a wedding event, in which a bride was left shocked after seeing her husband’s friends occupying the wedding throne.

As seen in the video, a group of boys is seen sitting with the groom on the wedding throne while the bride is seen standing on the stage. The bride is seen screaming at the boys. However, the boys as well as the groom seem like they cannot worry less. 

From behind, some seniors of the family are seen trying to calm down the angry bride, but she seems not in the mood to listen. 

Even after creating such a scene, the boys were least bothered and didn’t move from their place leaving the bride exasperated on stage.