Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Indian weddings involve several rituals. Both bride and groom enjoy the fun of different rituals along with the relatives and guests. However, sometimes the events turn awful following any mishap leaving everyone shocked. 

Here we bring a video that shows a wedding ritual carried out between a bride and groom. However, the event takes a twist and turns disgruntled after the bride slaps the groom.

As seen in the video, the groom is forcefully trying to make the bride eat a banana. However, the bride denies eating it and holds the groom’s hand. But, the groom forcefully puts it inside her mouth which leaves the bride annoyed. 

Surprisingly, the bride slaps the groom for forcefully making her eat the banana. 

In response to such action of the bride, the groom starts hitting her. When the groom stops, the bride starts hitting him. Later, the groom leaves the wedding stage after hitting the bride. 

Well, such a high-voltage drama of the bride and groom on the wedding stage has amused the netizens. 

One user wrote, “mujhe nhi lagta k shaadi hui hogi ine tan karta kaam ohi,” while another wrote, “Ya kunse shadi hai.” “Do not marry him,” wrote a third user.