Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Marriage is a lifetime event and no bride or groom afford to miss capturing the moment on camera. While pre-wedding photoshoots and video shootings have lately become a trend, post-wedding still holds its charm. 

But, what will happen when a groom is busy in a photoshoot but suddenly finds another girl instead of his wife?

Here we bring you a video that has recently gone viral on social media. In the video, the bride is seen secretly replacing herself with another ‘girl’ during the photoshoot.

As seen in the video, the groom, assisted by the photographer or the assistant, walks to the mark where he will pose for the photoshoot. The boy is dressed in his groom attire and then a ‘girl’ with a simple blue salwar walks near the groom. Both the groom and the ‘girl’ stand facing opposite directions. 

Well, by now, it is revealed in the video that the ‘girl’ is actually a boy with a beard and moustache. 

Standing close to each other when their backs knock on each other’s, the groom reacted, “That’s a nice butt.”

Later, the groom asks, “That’s Ritika right?” to which the photographer says, “It is Ritika”

The groom says, “Hi Ritika” and starts posing for the photo by interlocking his fingers with the boy’s fingers. “I feel that mehndi,” the groom says. 

The photographer is heard saying, “Just enjoy that moment right there closing both eyes.”

Later, they turn towards each other, and the groom bursts out into laughter. 

Laughing hilariously, the groom hugs the boy and later kisses him. The duo enjoys the moment and starts dancing. 

The video shared on Instagram by shivalry_inc has been liked over 3.95K times and the comments section is flooded with appreciation notes. Most of the users appreciated the groom’s gesture towards his friend.

Well, this was a prank staged by the bride herself and the outcomes were hilarious.

The caption for the video reads: “When your bride has an amazing sense of humor and decides to prank her groom, this couldn’t have gone better thanks to our lovely fill-in bride.”

Later, the outcomes of the prank was shared on the page respecting the demands of other users. Even the video of the original bride Ritika and groom Roshan also was posted.