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Social media is a fun place with a lot of hilarious videos going viral every day. Wedding videos, especially have been social media users favourite. Recently, several videos of bride and groom dancing to slapping each other have gone viral. Now, one such video from Nepal has taken the internet by storm. In the viral video, we can see a bride and groom in an intense fight but playful during their wedding ceremony.

Dressed in their wedding attires, the bride and groom can be seen sitting at the mandap. However, during the ritual of feeding each other, the couple ends up pushing and pulling each other. 

Watch the viral video below:



The viral video has garnered over 71K likes on social media. A lot of users added hilarious comments on the video. 
Shared by ‘thegushti’, the video was captioned, “We all know a couple that’s toxic.”

One user wrote, “They could have at least waited till they got back to the hotel why tumble around in front of family and friends.”
Similarly another commented, “I need the full video.”

A third user commented, "What on earth is happening here?" while another explained, "This is a tradition - more like a competition between bride and the groom on who feeds the other person in the fastest way," adding, "But they took it too far". 

Another user added, "Well, that's one way to start a lifelong commitment".

A few months back, one such video had gone viral. The video shows the bride offering a sweet to the groom. As the groom delayed to eat the sweet, she got angry and smeared it all over his face. 



This infuriated the groom who slapped the bride while their relatives seem to enjoy it and were seen provoking them. The bride also retaliated and slapped back the groom.

But apparently, it was a scripted video, but not from a real wedding. Reportedly, the clip is from a Maithili comedy film.