Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Come old age and people start experiencing loss of mobility! Along with restricted physical activities, several other health concerns also increase. However, there are several people who have proved that age is just a number and one can do anything and everything as desired at any time. Certain elderly people have also proven that one needs to be young at heart to live life and enjoy it.

In the age of social media, one can find several such videos that show certain elderly persons breaking the age barriers and doing something unexpected. Such videos take the internet by storm as it stuns netizens.

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Here we bring one such video that has recently stormed the internet. 

The video shows an elderly couple dancing their hearts out at a crowded event to a merry song. Their power-packed performance at the event certainly impressed the crowd as everyone is seen cheering and clapping to encourage the couple. 

As it seems, both granny and grandpa are high on energy and are capable to throw a challenge to any young couple. Along with the elderly couple, there were several others waiting for their chance to perform in the competition.

Their dance steps and perfect sync will certainly amaze anyone as generally, people at this age prefer to take up a seat and settle comfortably at any crowded event.

The video shared on Twitter by @mix031316 seems to be an old one but has resurfaced once again. By now, the video has been viewed over 28K times, which is increasing every hour. Even netizens have showered praises on the couple and their power-packed performance.

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