Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Love has no barriers and nothing can restrict a person to express feelings. Many believe, love grows with time but as people grow older they restrict themselves from expressing their feelings. Of course, though your partner knows, you love him/her, it is essential to express your feelings in intervals.

Here we bring a video that will light up your hearts and force you to believe that love exists till the end.

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As seen in the video, an elderly man is walking while hiding a card behind in his hands. He approaches his wife who is busy in the kitchen. The elderly woman seems to be surprised by such an approach from her husband. 

While walking, the elderly man is heard saying, “Will you be my Valentine?”

To this, the woman replies, “What if I?”

Next, the woman says, “I have been your Valentine for 64 years,” and kisses her husband. 

The elderly man presents his wife a Valentine's card which surprises her. “Oh! You have got a card!” she says and again kisses her husband.

After the duo admit their love for each other, the woman goes on to say, “You are the best Valentine I ever had.”

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After exchanging kisses, the elderly man says, “You make my world go round.”

The video shared on Twitter by Jessi has by now been viewed over 182K times. Moreover, the video has won the hearts of netizens. Several others also went on to share their personal experiences in life while briefing about the story of their parents.