Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The glittering warm sand, gentle waves, soothing ambience and the serene beauty of the blue ocean/sea has the power to make anyone feel relaxed. Be it sunrise, sunset or sunbath, the beach offers multiple benefits. Besides, sunrise and sunset are preferred as the best timing to enjoy the view. 

Irrespective of age and gender, everyone loves to spend some time at the beach. If you have ever been to any beach, you must have found such couples.

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However, here we bring a video of an elderly couple who have won the hearts of netizens with their adorable love on the beach while enjoying the warmth of sunset. 

As seen in the video, the elderly couple is standing on the beach while gazing at the sun that is setting on the horizon. While the elderly man is standing with his hands crossed behind him, the elderly woman is holding her man’s arm in one hand. 

A few moments later, the man suddenly moves his hand behind his lady and the woman also holds her man strongly. Though the visuals are not clear, it seems, the woman planted a kiss on the cheeks of her husband. 

The video shared on Instagram by _modern.balak has received massive likes. It has also triggered the emotions of netizens, and several went on to comment appreciating the elderly couple’s love.

One user wrote, “Only this one thing. I want in my life.” Another wrote, “What kind of dramatically dreamy scene it is.”

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