Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Nothing should prevent a person from expressing feelings for others. Love is an emotion that gets stronger with time . Though the definition of love has altered with the changing time, still there are some people from the older generation, who can define love in the best way.

Generally, it is thought that after leading life together for years, love between a married couple gets layered owing to the growing age, responsibilities and work. However, one can spare a few moments to spend some quality time and express love to their life partner. Such ideas can strengthen love and build a strong bond to cherish lifelong.

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Here we bring a video that has taken the internet by storm and won the hearts of netizens. 

As seen in the video, an elderly couple is dancing joyfully and in a romantic way while enjoying every moment. The couple is seen dancing on their balcony and, as it seems, they choose to live up to the moment in the dark without drawing anyone’s attention. However, the lovely moment was captured by a person residing in front of the couple’s building. 


The video shared on Facebook by Feroza-for Classy Attires has gone viral with netizens sharing it massively. The reactions to the video and comment box are evidence that the elderly couple has won everyone’s hearts with their dance.

One user wrote, “One of my dream to grow old with someone I love… proposes and God disposes”

Another wrote, “Love is very beautiful, it doesn't matter time and age if you have a soul mate.”

“It's lovely . God bless them and their love !!!!” wrote a third user.

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