Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Are you married? Is your wife dominating and yelling at you more often? Well, do you stay calm while your wife yells at you or get annoyed and pick up a fight?

The best trick to lead a happy married life is to stay calm while your life partner yells at you. If you get angry when your wife quarrels, the situation will only get worse. 

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Here we bring you a hilarious video that shows a man adopting the best way to stay calm when his wife yells at him. This video may enlighten you while leaving you rolling on floors, laughing. 

In the video, a man is seen in the kitchen while cutting some fruit. Meanwhile, his wife enters the kitchen while yelling at him- even if being busy with some other work.

However, the man turns on the juicer mixer. While his wife starts raising her voice volume, the man increases the speed of the juicer. Though his wife continues to yell at him, he doesn’t hear a single word due to the sound of the juicer.

The man seems to be quite calm even though his wife yelled at him. When the woman steps out of the kitchen, the man immediately turns off the juicer. However, when the woman comes back to the kitchen while shouting at him, the man again turns on the juicer without saying a single word and stays calm.

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The video shared on Twitter by ‘Great Videos’ has by now been viewed over 47K times and has invited hilarious comments from netizens.