Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Any type of disorder can turn life miserable. However, science has advanced way ahead and with the help of technology, there are certain conditions or disorders that can be addressed. Several gadgets have been invented which is making the lives of persons with a disability easier.

The emotions expressed by a person after their disorder gets fixed are certainly heart-warming. What if a person asks the doctor to remove the gadget instantly and prefers to continue with the disorder condition?

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Here we bring a video that will leave you rolling on floors, laughing.

As seen in the video, a doctor is fitting a hearing aid and doing some adjustments.

After the adjustments, the doctor asks, “Can you hear me?”

To this, the man says yes and gets emotional. The man’s wife sitting by his side also gets emotional and starts crying out of joy. 

Next, the doctor asks, “Can you hear the sound of your own voice?”

The man trying to control his excitement and tears nods his head and says yes and bursts out into tears. 

His wife shares the happiness of the moment with the man and thanks the doctor saying, “Doctor, thank you so much, we’re so excited.”

The woman continues, “Thanksgiving’s in 2 days and I can call you on your cell phone now baby.”

The man, who was crying until then out of excitement after the restoration of his hearing power, suddenly stops crying and reacts in a strange way. 


The woman continues, “And, you can talk to my dad about his hip replacement and the midterms.”

As it seems from the man’s reaction, he suddenly starts experiencing pain in his ear. 

The worried doctor immediately asks, “Are you okay? Is that too loud?”

However, the man goes on to say something that will leave anyone rolling on floors, laughing. 

He says, “No, it’s not too loud. It’s her voice, it’s annoying you don’t hear that?”

He continues, “I have to hear this forever?”

Meanwhile, the woman goes on to say, “Oh don’t be silly babe.”

Later, the man says, “Oh there it goes again doc.”

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Pointing towards an advertisement poster, the man says, “You know why this guy is smiling? Cause, he’s probably deaf and can’t hear his wife’s voice.”

The man also asks the doctor to take off the hearing aid.

The video shared on Twitter by Interesting Channels has been viewed over 80K times. Moreover, it has also triggered a laugh riot in the comment box.