Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Science and technology have no limits and it has been proved time and again. Now, humans are largely deploying humanoids in commercial sectors for different tasks. As humanoids can independently navigate themselves and perform programmed tasks with less human oversight, these are used for various purposes. 

However, have you ever seen a humanoid getting annoyed with its owner after getting humiliated?

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Here, we bring you such a video that recently took the internet by storm. The video shared on Twitter by Elijah will certainly leave you rolling on the floors, laughing. 

As seen in the video, a humanoid is seen working on its assigned task of slicing dough. However, the humanoid does it incorrectly which annoys its owner. The owner holds the hands of the robot and teaches it the proper way to carry out the task while yelling at it.

But, the robot seems like not to be in a ‘mood’ to do the assigned task. It throws away the slicer out of ‘anger’ and picks up the dough in its hand. Surprisingly, it puts the dough on its owner’s face. Later, when the owner picks up a pointed tool, it bends down to pick up a long kitchen tool and warns him of 'dire consequences'. 

The owner understood the alert and preferred to remain silent.

Well, it is claimed that AI bots have the ability to work flawlessly with humans at the workplace. But, this video reveals something else. 

However, the authenticity of the video couldn’t be obtained. The robot could have been programmed for doing such activities; but, the video has certainly tickled the funny bones of the users.