Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

There is a wide range of dance forms with unique steps performed across the world. The uniqueness of each dance form is based on its culture and tradition. Over the years, dance forms have been modified, upgraded, merged, and evolved. However, each dance form demands body flexibility so that the performer can make the body movements freely. 

If you are a dance enthusiast, you must have seen and enjoyed different dance forms. However, there are some dancers who every time amaze the viewers with their body flexibility. But, have you ever seen any such dance form or body movement that has scared the hell out of you?

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Here we bring a video of a beautiful girl who might scare you with her body movements. 

As seen in the video, a young girl is seen doing amazing neck isolations, which is common in hip-hop dance form. The girl moves her neck freely while her face seems to be fixed in one position. Even though she moves her body quite flexibly, her face remains in one position. 

The girl has an amazingly flexible neck and has mastered neck isolation moves with rigorous practice. 

However, as it seems from the video, the girl’s head above her neck is detached and she can move her neck freely as she wants. If you see such an act of the girl in the middle of the night, you may get a nightmare. 

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We don’t say this! After watching this video, netizens went on to give remarks about the act as scary. Some others also went on to say if this happens in front of them, they will certainly get a nightmare. 

One user went on to comment: This is entirely unsettling to watch. 

The video shared on Twitter by @tannokasa4 has gone viral with massive retweets and is wildly drawing the attention of online users. By now, it has been viewed over 376K times.