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Wildlife is surprising and interesting in various ways. Undeniably, witnessing the day-to-day activities of wild animals is fascinating and engaging. While some lucky wildlife explorers get the opportunity to witness some interesting incidents from the wild, other wildlife lovers get to see the videos on the internet. The internet is flooded with videos from the wild. However, above all the videos from the wild, visuals of young offspring of different animal species and their playful activities are gripping and loveable. 

Recently, a video of a baby Rhinoceros surfaced on social media that is winning the hearts of netizens. The activities of the baby rhino are overloaded with cuteness and may steal your heart.

As seen in the video, the baby rhino charges towards a  Wildebeest, that is grazing at a distance. The gnus gets into alert mode with the sudden attack. However, the rhino continues to jump playfully and charge the wildebeest. The gnus jumps and steps back allowing the baby rhino to enjoy its playful activity. Next, the gnus runs away to a distance as the baby rhino continues its charge.

However, when the rhino approaches the wildebeest, it stands strong instead of running away. This scares the baby rhino and it runs back to its mother. 

Well, this video proves that offsprings of almost all animal species are the same, be it a human or a rhino.

While the origin of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on X by Nature is Amazing. The video has amassed over 2 million views and 16K likes. Even the comments section is flooded with red heart emoticons and notes expressing their views on the cute video.

One user wrote, "Baby rhinos are playful little guys and love to pester anyone and everyone." (sic)

Another commented, "Good job wildebeest. It looked like it knew baby was playing." (sic)

"Adorable! Tiny tank practices roar on surprised wildebeest," wrote a third user. (sic)

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