Cassian Baliarsingh

In a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie, a Bihar man took revenge on his wife who left him and eloped with her lover by marrying the lover’s wife. Well, you read that right!

What do we usually do when someone betrays us? We either decide to forgive and move on in life. However, not all are the same and most people often tend to take revenge. But, this Bihar man’s revenge is on another level and has left the internet stunned.

The bizarre incident has been reported from Hardiya village of Khagaria district in Bihar.

According to sources, the man identified as Neeraj had married Ruby Devi in 2009 and had four children together. However, Ruby was having an affair with another man identified as Mukesh. Ruby was reportedly in a relationship with Mukesh before her marriage.

Mukesh was also married and had two children. However, the real twist came after Mukesh and Ruby eloped from the village with two daughters and a son.

Although Neeraj had filed a police complaint in this connection and sought the intervention of the panchayat, none had paid heed to his woes. A dejected Neeraj sought to soothe his ails by getting in touch with Mukesh’s wife and starting an affair with her.

He then married the woman and brought her to his village. The couple now lives a happy life together while Mukesh and Ruby are still on the run. Unlike Mukesh and Ruby’s marriage, Neeraj’s marriage has been approved by the family members and the villagers.