Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a woman gifted her husband a new girlfriend to save her marriage after she found out that he was cheating on her. Interestingly, the man’s new girlfriend looks exactly like his wife.

Tehmeena and her husband Bryant have been married for over five years now. But, things started to go haywire after Tehmeena found out that Bryant hasn’t been faithful to her anymore.

Things turned sour and the couple was on the verge of a breakup. In a bid to save her marriage and keep her husband on the straight and narrow, Tehmeena decided to bring a new girlfriend for her husband.

After searching online, she came across 29-year-old Kyrah from Australia who looks exactly like her. From their long blonde braids, fake eyelashes to tattoos and matching outfits, Kyrah and Tehmeena are very much identical and it was a perfect match.

“I was looking for a woman that looked like me because Bryant likes me,” said Tehmeena adding ‘We are best friends now. We definitely are stronger now and don’t care what people think.”

On the other hand, Tehmeena’s friends think Bryant has brainwashed her into a polyamorous relationship. However, Tehmeena refuted the allegations and insisted that it was her idea to introduce Kyrah into the relationship.

“I am not gonna lie. 150 percent, I did feel insecure when we started looking for a third. But, one of the reasons I wanted to be in a polyamorous relationship was I knew that it would keep the attention of Bryant here,” she confessed.

“I want him for the rest of my life. Whatever he wants, whatever makes him happy, I will give it to him,” Tehmeena added.