Poonam Singh

Optical illusions have become new sensations on social media. There are many types of brain teasers out there. Some claim to measure your IQ while others are meant to reveal aspects of your personality. 

These puzzles are a fun way to exercise your brain muscles and it also helps improve your focus and skill-building. 

So, here, a new optical illusion has left people perplexed. You have 7 seconds to find the hidden crab in the image below. Check if you can:

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf

Shared on Instagram by Hungarian graphic artist Gergely Dudás, this one is not as easy as it seems. What makes it harder than ever is that both the flowers and crab are red in colour.

The image challenges you to find the crab among the flowers. However, the challenge is you have to spot the crab within 7 seconds.

The crab that has blended into the background is difficult to identify at the first glance. Individuals with sharp vision will be able to identify the crab within the time limit.

Can you spot the crab in the image? The trick to solving this optical challenge is to observe the image carefully; by concentrating on the picture, you can see the crab.

Have you already spotted the crab? If you are yet to spot the crab, no need to worry as we have the solution for you here.

Check the picture below, we have marked the crab with black circle:

Pic Credit: Instagram/thedudolfPic Credit: Instagram/thedudolf